Personally, I express more sympathy than empathy for other people. The people who are closest to me, depending on the situation, I will likely have empathy for them. I feel the feelings they feel, and I take it just as hard, or great as they do. I experienced this in two different situations recently. The… Continue reading EMPATHY VS SYMPATHY


The most unexpected anxiety that I get is probably from anticipation. Waiting on something is probably the worst thing for someone (me specifically) with anxiety. Like I have said in the past, I overthink everything, so that "wait" time is brutal. I don't like to wait for things- I am very much an in the… Continue reading ANTICIPATION


I am so excited for this new chapter of my life. I VERY recently decided to move on from my current job. My contract ends in less than three weeks and I have been scrambling trying to look for a job. I also have to find a new place to live since my current position… Continue reading A KICK IN THE BUTT


I love to read. The last time I read a book for enjoyment, well... it has just been way too long. I really need to make it a point to do this more often. It is so relaxing to me, and it helps me fall asleep more quickly if I pick up a book and… Continue reading MY WEEKEND


Living a happy life should be simple, right? For me at least this has been extremely difficult. Among other things that I strive for, happiness doesn't come easy to me. I am working toward making it a more simple concept in my life, but it is taking some time. I do have to say though...… Continue reading HAVE A HAPPIER LIFE