I love to read. The last time I read a book for enjoyment, well... it has just been way too long. I really need to make it a point to do this more often. It is so relaxing to me, and it helps me fall asleep more quickly if I pick up a book and… Continue reading MY WEEKEND


I finally finished redecorating my room! Today actually... It feels amazing to have a space filled with things that make me happy and motivated. I skipped last weeks blog post because I was super busy with Easter preparations and hosting... plus my therapy pup is down here staying with me, so we spent a lot… Continue reading REDECORATING


I have been struggling with finding motivation for a while now. I am trying to finish up the last few courses of my degree, but it is SO hard to motivate myself to just get it done. This is really the only area that I lack in motivation. The biggest signs that push me to… Continue reading LACK OF MOTIVATION


I struggle all of the time with trying to fall asleep. Not only that, but staying asleep too. I have streaks where I don't have any problem sleeping, and then I will go a week... or even multiple weeks where I get so overtired because I just can't sleep ever! It gets really frustrating. I… Continue reading TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP


I often find myself sabotaging my own happiness. I have recently been trying to do more for myself- things that make me happy, but it is HARD. Each day, I try to find something positive that happened. I also try to stay in a more positive mind frame because I felt like I was becoming… Continue reading SABOTAGING MY OWN HAPPINESS