Personally, I express more sympathy than empathy for other people. The people who are closest to me, depending on the situation, I will likely have empathy for them. I feel the feelings they feel, and I take it just as hard, or great as they do. I experienced this in two different situations recently. The… Continue reading EMPATHY VS SYMPATHY


The most unexpected anxiety that I get is probably from anticipation. Waiting on something is probably the worst thing for someone (me specifically) with anxiety. Like I have said in the past, I overthink everything, so that "wait" time is brutal. I don't like to wait for things- I am very much an in the… Continue reading ANTICIPATION


Ever since I started having anxiety, I also started being extremely paranoid. I fear a lot and it definitely has changed my life. I am always aware of my surroundings, and typically expect the worst out of any situation. This could be when I am out walking, or a conversation that I have with someone...… Continue reading FEELING SAFE


For me, being an adult and doing all of the adult things brings the most anxiety and stress into my life. There are so many things to stay on top of, deadlines to meet, and just all of the things to get done in general. For instance... you have to keep up with getting your… Continue reading BEING AN ADULT