The most unexpected anxiety that I get is probably from anticipation. Waiting on something is probably the worst thing for someone (me specifically) with anxiety. Like I have said in the past, I overthink everything, so that “wait” time is brutal. I don’t like to wait for things- I am very much an in the moment person who, when I think of something, likes to get answers or accomplish it right away. I need to do things the second I think about them too, so that I don’t forget to do it… no matter how much I think I will remember… I won’t. I have a list of reminders set in my phone on a daily basis, so that I don’t forget to do something.

Anyway… back to anticipation. Isn’t it the worst to have to wait for something that you didn’t know you were going to have to wait for? For example, a text, a phone call, an email? But also… for the things that you are looking forward to as well… I am always a bundle of energy and anticipation when I have to wait for something that I am excited or nervous about! Like this weekend… my family is coming into town! Yay! They have never been down to visit before and just hang out, so I am VERY excited. Also important though… my dog is coming!!! This week has gone by SO slow because I have been anticipating their arrival. I have kept myself super busy in the meantime to try and make the time go by more quickly.

I love anticipating the things that I am excited for, but my anticipation for the unexpected and, for lack of a better word, negative events that come up- well I could do without the added anxiety that comes with it.

It is the WORST for my anxiety when someone leads with a question of if you are free, available to talk, or plan a later date to chat. It would be so much better (for me) to just get hit with whatever news that they have unexpectedly, so that there isn’t the anticipation of waiting PLUS the context of whatever it is that they had to say. That doesn’t mean that the news has to be bad at all, in fact, it could be great news… but I can definitely do without that anticipation leading up to it.

Let’s anticipate the good things, and breathe through the bad.


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