For me, being an adult and doing all of the adult things brings the most anxiety and stress into my life. There are so many things to stay on top of, deadlines to meet, and just all of the things to get done in general. For instance… you have to keep up with getting your car inspected, pay the bills on time, change insurances when you change jobs, negotiate contracts, save for those big purchases you want… the list goes on.

With every item on my list comes ALL of the anxiety. I like to have a check list and reminders in my phone to check my list off and to remind me of things, so that I won’t forget to do them. I have to write everything down because even when I think that I will remember, there is a good chance that I will forget. This doesn’t pertain to everything though… I pick up on the most random details whether it is within my surroundings, or something that someone said.

As an adult, I find that there is always something productive to get done or accomplish, which makes my free time often hard to enjoy. When I have free time and find that my afternoon, or more suprisingly, my entire day is free… I feel like there is something that I am missing or something that I should be doing… This makes it especially difficult to enjoy that time to fully relax.

There are a few things that help me forget my anxiety, but one in particular that comes to mind. Off of the top of my head, I would have to say that going to concerts is my “happy place”. I love getting lost in music that I love. It is an event that is anticipated and planned, so its much easier to enjoy. Plus, there is not much that you can do at a concert where you have to be worried about what you didn’t get done… what are you going to do… leave? Absolutely not. I am going to a concert in a few weeks and I can’t wait! Some of my best friends are coming along with me and it is going to be a day filled with tailgating, good times, and music that I love!

Go out and enjoy something that you like to do that gets you away from the pressures of “adulting”!


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