I am so excited for this new chapter of my life. I VERY recently decided to move on from my current job. My contract ends in less than three weeks and I have been scrambling trying to look for a job. I also have to find a new place to live since my current position is a live-in position. It has been a welcome overwhelming past few days, but it honestly has been the kick in the butt that I have needed for a long time!

I have been looking at different jobs, trying to figure out just exactly what I would like to do moving forward. My neighbor suggested that I post to our neighborhood chat… so I did. My goodness have I been so happily shocked at the response I have gotten from my post. I have received recommendations of places to look, I have recieved offers on positions, as well as leads to other positions. I have to say, at first when the decision was made, I was nervous, SO anxious, and overwhelmed with everything that I had to do before I finish here. Not to mention thinking about how long it was going to take to even MAYBE get responses from potential employers.

So far, I have a few phone interviews and one in person interview scheduled. I have found a few apartments in different locations that I would happily move into. I also have some pretty amazing neighbors who I babysit for occasionally who have made it their mission to find me a suitable job. All of these things coming together have really eased my mind and calmed my anxiety a bit.

When I first made the decision after speaking with my boss, I was so incredibly unsure of how to feel about what had just happened. I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how I was going to pull off moving and finding a new job in only THREE WEEKS! Yikes!! The first thing that I did… after calling one of my best friends of course, was get online to get some job applications in. I also researched some apartment buildings and made a list on amazon of things that I will need once I move. Making lists and getting organized really and truly helps to ease my anxiety. I like to be an organized person, so that I feel like I maybe, kind of have my life together- Haha!! I decided to do a wide search of jobs because I don’t have a specific job in mind, or many that I wouldn’t do. As for the apartment, I am looking into one with a secured parking area, secured entrance into the building, and then getting into my place. I need to feel safe to make sure that my anxiety isn’t too bad when I am potentially going to live on my own. I will of course have my dog come down to live with me once I am settled, so that will be extremely helpful as well!

Looking for a job and having so many opportunities presented to me has been such a relief. I have constantly had to tell myself that everything is going to work out and be just fine. Nothing in life that is thrown your way is impossible to get through. There is always a way! I also hope to find a job that brings me joy and can find something to make me feel like I am making a difference.

Let’s hope that in the next three weeks I will have landed a great job!

Keep pushing.

Take chances and just go for what you want and need in your life. No matter what, it WILL work out.


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