I finally finished redecorating my room! Today actually…

It feels amazing to have a space filled with things that make me happy and motivated. I skipped last weeks blog post because I was super busy with Easter preparations and hosting… plus my therapy pup is down here staying with me, so we spent a lot of time outside and running around getting everything done!

Back to the redecorating… I have found that the redecorating process has really helped me with my anxiety. It has helped keep my mind busy on fun and crafty things instead of any negatives that may be on my mind. Now that I have everything in my house that I want, I have been more motivated than ever to be happy, be healthy, and get stuff done! It is a pretty mindless task, so I was able to blast some music and enjoy every step of the process- especially building things like my dresser, coffee table, and desk! I went from a dark decor to a light, soft, and cozy one!

During the process of figuring out exactly what I wanted in my house, I was able to keep calm, have fun, be creative, and relieve stress! I wanted to create a place where it felt like “my space”. I wanted things that felt like me, that would inspire me, and that would make me happy every time I stepped into it. I genuinely get excited seeing all of the progress that I have made to my place, but also to other aspects of my life. I workout more, I eat healthier, I save WAY more money, and I am paying down my debt way more quickly than I thought.

I know that I said that I finished it today, but that meant that I finally put the last piece (my desk) together to finish the space! I have been working on this for months. It has taken a lot of time to find what I want, get it delivered, set it up, and the hardest part: finding the perfect spot for it!

Now that it is done, I feel comfortable and safe. That may sound strange, but I am very much a person who feels safe in a comforting and happy setting. I have inspiring quotes, fairy lights, a desk, and some other things that I find very useful and perfect staples to a “new” place. Like my couch… I never thought I would get so much use out of it when I first considered buying one, but I have! I can watch TV on it, do work on my laptop (like writing these blogs 😉 ), take naps with my pup, and I have been using it to stick my feet under when I am doing sit ups or crunches! My bedding is amazing and so incredibly comfortable! I have slept SO much better since I got a new frame and bedding. It is light and airy and makes me a lot more excited for bed ( unfortunately it is harder to get out of!).

I have to bring my pup back to his actual home soon, so once he is gone, it will look exactly how I want it to. When this happens, my anxiety gets a lot better because everything is in its place. For now… my white rugs are covered in blankets, and I have a different comforter on my bed because I didn’t want my actual one to get ruined by my dog since we go on lots of hikes and he gets wet and muddy from swimming!

Some physical and psychological benefits that I had:

– Pictures of happy moments can boost your mood!

– No clutter= more concentration and less anxiety!

– Scented candles next to the bed is calming and homey!

I never knew how much redecorating could do for me.

Consider making a little change in your life- it could help you be more happy than you thought it could!


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