I have been struggling with finding motivation for a while now. I am trying to finish up the last few courses of my degree, but it is SO hard to motivate myself to just get it done. This is really the only area that I lack in motivation. The biggest signs that push me to into a streak of having zero motivation are procrastination, being unambitious, not having energy, and constant headaches. School just gives me all of the negative feelings, and I have tried to turn it into a positive on a consistent basis, but I really struggle with it. I am now so close to being done, that I am just trying to tell myself, “Just get it done. You’re almost there.” I have been trying to improve my outlook on school now for about 10 years. I used to love school and was extremely motivated to get things done, but that all changed, and now I really dislike it.

I usually like to nap when I am lacking motivation because it helps me rest and not think about everything that I have to get done. This is not an ideal thing to do, and I have been doing a pretty good job of pushing through my tiredness. I just get outside and walk, or workout and then I have my energy back!

When I have a lot to get done, I easily get overwhelmed and put off things that I really shouldn’t- my course work. Lately though, I have been doing better at forcing myself to just make time, do it, and get it done. If I don’t, it makes my anxiety and stress level go up a ton. I try to ignore it when I am starting to feel overwhelmed… which you’d think that I would try to focus on it more and just get it done… no work= no anxiety, so just do it, right?? Well… I get pretty intimidated when I sit down to start an assignment, which is where I have to push myself to just begin because when I do, my motivation sparks and I get things done.

When it comes to work, I make a list of things to do for the day and check them off as quickly, and efficiently as possible. I like to get up and get everything done that I need to, so that there is plenty of time for school work, exercising, cooking, and other things later in the day. Keeping up with a healthy life-style routine (exercise, eating well, sleep schedule), does help me to be more motivated. I have been pushing myself to walk at least two miles each day, do some kind of workout – I also started a 30 day ab challenge that I added in addition to all of this- and I strive to hit a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. This helps me to get out of the house and on my feet, moving. Once I push past the morning tiredness, I have tons of motivation to get everything done that I need to! I have to say, moving more also has been motivating me to eat so much better. I don’t indulge in any cravings or “wants” that I have nearly as much as I used to, and because of this, I have noticed a slight change in looking a bit stronger.

I will continue to strive for routine, so that it will help me to stay as motivated as possible.

I also wanted to quickly touch on how I deal with my anxiety in terms of craving change and needing to do something right away. I have had a few people reach out to me to ask what I do to lessen the need for change. I am definitely a person who likes to act on my needs and wants right away, so to try to change this habit here is what I do: I do my best to take a step back and take some time before I act on whatever it is that I am thinking about. If I feel like I am spiraling out of control, or have an itch for change, I will try to rearrange my room, or organize a drawer, or shelf. I try to ask myself what the real underlying issue is that is making me feel like I need to do something right then and there and process it. I will try journaling my feelings or talk to a friend. Sometimes gaining some perspective, whether it is through your own thoughts, research, or someone else in your life can really make the difference in your mood and what is making you feel that way.


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