I have always loved dogs. My family has had at least one dog at all times my entire life. The most recent addition was a few years ago with a labradoodle who I thought was such a pain and extremely annoying. I still had too much love for my old little pup to share with this new destructive annoyance. Well… once my 13 year old dog passed away, I becam so incredibly attached to the labradoodle. I still am.

My point is that there is something that helps to alleviate my anxiety. That is my dog. Technically he is my parents dog, but I am super obsessed with him and steal him from my parents for weeks to months at a time because I love to spend time with him. He has such a sad looking face that even when I want to be lazy and do nothing, or am in a bad mood, he gets me up and moving. It’s like he is looking at me saying “Will you please pay attention to me? Can we go outside? PLAY WITH ME!” Although at times it can be extremely annoying, he always cheers me up and gets me off of my butt.

Whenever I am upset, anxious, stressed, or any type of negative feeling… he is always there trying to lick my face or cuddle. As soon as he is next to me, I feel like a weight is lifted off of my chest. My tension subsides a little bit and I just feel better. Even when I was going through a rough time a little over a week ago, I started looking at pictures that my family sends of him and pictures that I took of him (if I am being honest, most of the pictures on my phone are of him). I immediately felt a little bit better and can’t wait to see him next weekend and have him down here with me next month.

If you have a love for dogs, you understand. If you know me and my dog, you understand. I wish I could have him around at all times. It was even mentioned to me that I get a puppy of my own. Well… no way José. My love for a dog at the moment goes to him, so I couldn’t get another dog. As soon as I move to a place where I can have a dog full time, I will be stealing him from my parents. Even though I have said it before to them, I’m not sure they will approve of a full time residential change!

I guess having him around just makes me feel a little bit less lonely when I am down on myself and overwhelmed with my feelings.

If you have a pup that helps to relieve some of your anxiety or negative symptoms, or anything that helps for that matter… spend as much time with them as you can.


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